Pokémon Light Fire is an RPG game conducted by a single GM. This is just the website where players may keep up with everything.
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 Example of PVP battle

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PostSubject: Example of PVP battle   Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:59 pm

PVP battles are commenced on the separate sections, with me as the impartial GM.

Battles will look a little something like this:

Player BlueFoxGhost has initiated a battle. He has sent out his Espeon!

HP: 100%

Sent out Umbreon

HP: 100%
Moves: Iron Tail, Dark Pulse, Moonlight, Shadow Ball

Use Shadow Ball

Dealt 32% damage

And it would go like that until one side is defeated. It is done in turn mode. What I just explained was the Simple format. It's short and quick. Story format is much more in depth and takes more time.
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Example of PVP battle
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