Pokémon Light Fire is an RPG game conducted by a single GM. This is just the website where players may keep up with everything.
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 Example of Team Feature

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PostSubject: Example of Team Feature   Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:41 pm

Hi there player! I bet you are wondering how this will be used as our way to keep up with things.

It's simple!

Each of you will receive a private section, only accessible to you and to admins(GameMasters).

In this post, I will be showing you how the Party works.

So let's begin

The first post will be by me. And it will say something along the lines of this:

Player BlueFoxGhost(Whoever it is) has the current party of:
Espeon lvl 100
Venasaur lvl 100
Sandslash lvl 100

And so forth until all six slots are filled.

In order to switch out what Pokémon are in the party, you must be in a city with a PokéCenter. Then, simply contact me and say which two you wish to switch.

The switch will take place, and I will update the current team.

That's it for this example.

This game will focus on your imagination. Meaning, I only control the events, stats, and Pokémon you encounter. You influence everything else. So there isn't much I can explain. It's all meant to be a mystery to you, so discover the features yourself.
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Example of Team Feature
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